Diagnostic Systems


The PGasus (PharmGenomics Automated Software User System) is an individual analysing system for small and medium throughput in the field of gene diagnostics. PGasus consits of five elements which attend the user through the whole process, from PCR setup to the final evaluation of the samples:

  • Image Reader
  • Computer for evaluation
  • Software for evaluation
  • Thermocycler
  • Thermoshaker

We offer our customers two different thermocyclers. A small, space saving machine for up to 25 samples, as well as a machine for up to 96 samples in parallel. PGasus can be combined with every assay from the GenoChip family. The usage with individual assays, developed by PharmGenomics is also possible.

The most important facts:

  • Convenient analyzing system for small and medium laboratories
  • No acquisition of special equipment needed
  • Very space saving, which allows operation even in small labs
  • Completely automated evaluation of the samples, no interpretation needed
  • Complete diagnostic report for every patient


GenoChip Analysis Software

The GenoChip analysis software is the platform for all evaluation systems of the GenoChip technology. It is based on the Microsoft.NET framework 4.0 and combines the automatic evaluation of the GenoChips with the complete generation of a diagnostic analysis report.

Clear presentation of results

The main window offers and overview of the current chip and after completion of the analysis a first short summary. An analysis protocol as well as an overview of all saved experiments is also part of the main window.

Via a separate menu the information for the final diagnostic report can be entered. After completion of the analysis the final report can be accessed by the GenoChip analysis software. The diagnostic report contains all information of the complete experiment: from the entered patient or sample information, results to the detailed therapy recommendations.

No interpretation of data values necessary

The GenoChip analysis software guides the user through the complete evaluation process step by step; from image generation to generating the report. The interpretation of melting curves or other data values is not necessary.

Individually adjustable

By use of a universal dialog system the GenoChip Software can be adjusted for any arbitrary language. Furthermore the diagnostic report can be designed freely according to customer preferences.

Products and Services

The PharmGenomics GmbH offers a broad range of products and services:

The PGx GenoChips are based on the PGx GenoChip technology, which we developed. It combines a fast and cost-effective detection method with the possibility to screen for several genetic markers in one examination. It is an ideal tool for pharmacogenetic analyses, if it is the point to accord a patient with a well-tolerated therapy or to allow for an individual life-style.

In our service laboratory we offer a wide range of further genetic examinations. After sending of a blood- or saliva sample, we handle all orders as fast as possible and always diligent. 

Our bioinformatics department develops software for the laboratory, which is successfully used in our company.

Furthermore, we offer contract developments with regard to technologies mentioned above, specific to your requirements.

Contract Developments

PGx GenoChip Technology

Based on the PGx GenoChip technology, developed by us, we design the array you require. You just inform us which genetic markers you need and we take over the complete development from there on. We can provide all necessary documents for CE-compliant labeling.

Read more information about the PGx GenoChip technology.


Real-Time PCR

We develop for you individual genotyping assays for real-time PCR. These can be used on almost all real-time PCR machines due to the usage of TaqMan and FRET-probes. For your individual offer please send us an e-mail with your requirements to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

For the design we only require following information:

  • Used real-time PCR machine
  • Rs number of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs)
  • Number of the reference sequence



Our daily (work) life is unimaginable without software. We are specialized in the development of medical device and laboratory software of every kind. Thereby we set high values to customize the software to your requirements. We support you:

By the exact identification of your requirements via

  • Surveys
  • Questionnaires
  • Field observations
  • ...

And by the specification of your requirements via

  • UML
  • User Stories
  • Scenarios
  • ...

We involve you in the complete developmental process to provide you with exactly the software, you wish for. Of course this can be done according to the demands of DIN EN ISO 62304 and/or FDA “21 CFR Part 11”, if required.


In-vitro Mutagenesis

DNA mutagenesis is a central topic of molecular biology. Sometimes adequate reference samples or positive controls are missing for the establishment and validation of your own method. We offer all kind of SNPs, inversions, deletions or insertions as ready mutagenized in-vitro fragment.

Every desired mutation, no matter how frequent it is in the population, is no problem anymore. Via sequencing the fragment is tested and verified. All results are provided subsequently in writing or electronically.

We offer:

  • Synthesis of the mutation
  • Verification via sequencing
  • Allocation of the complete mutagenized sample

Our advantages:

  • Highest accuracy
  • Mutations can be synthesized at virtually every locus
  • High cost-effectiveness compared to existing methods
  • Fast and easy processing

We require:

  • Only the sequence of your desired product and the loci of the particular mutation